• VOYAGERZ is a Generative Transfer Art Project, If you love it and want to keep it as is, you’re more than welcome. (You can even remove the wallet addresses displayed around the art.)

    But the fun begins when you sell or transfer it to another wallet. Each time a voyager changes wallets, its design slowly evolves. To speed up the evolution, send a Voyagerz to a wallet with an “n project” and see what happens. Blast off! The “Ns” act as jet fuel, expanding the Voyagerz at a faster rate.

    How far will your Voyagerz travel? Will you be the first to reach the final resting state and unlock the secret reward? That’s for you to explore and find out...

    Minting is now complete -- but you can explore the collection on sites like OpenSea.

    VOYAGERZ is a new project from Mystery Labs, creators of the best-selling RIBONZ Trilogy.

    We are proud supporters of Girls Who Code, and will donate a portion of sales from this project to their nonprofit organization.

    Official smart contract on Ethereum -